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Pediatric Fractures Require
Expert Care

Growing bones of children and teenagers are different than skeletally-mature adults. Kids are unique in that they heal rapidly and can remodel, or re-shape, their bones with growth. Children also present with different types of broken bones than adults. Pediatric fractures are ideally treated by an experienced physician that manages these injuries on a daily basis. Peds Ortho is the only fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic team in SW FL and we treat thousands of broken bones in kids and teens every year.

With complex fractures and/or those involving the growth plates, there can be significant long-term consequences if not treated appropriately. Our goal is to provide ideal treatment and avoid long-term complications such as growth arrest, growth disturbance, or loss of motion and function. Children and adolescents often heal quicker than adults, and we strive to transition patients back to normal activity and sports as soon as possible.

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Fracture Care Clinic

Speedy recoveries and putting minds at ease are important to our parents and our doctors. If your child is injured, we guarantee to see you within 24 hours.* We have a kid-friendly, expert team of providers and cast technicians ready to make your child’s experience as smooth as possible.

*pre-authorization by your insurance may affect clinic appointment scheduling.

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Casting Your Child

Although typically a painless procedure, getting a cast put on can be an intimidating experience for a child. At Peds Ortho, casting broken bones is an art, and our technicians play an integral role in treating children. We provide fiberglass casts of every color and often can offer waterproof casts so kids can still be active, easily bathe, and even play in swimming pools. In some case, we can offer removable alternatives to casts such as removable splints and braces, or self-removable casting tape. Ask your provider about the best option for your child.

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Treating Fractures Without Surgery

Because of a child’s ability to heal quickly and “remodel” fractures, they often do not require surgery to heal their broken bones. As an alternative to surgery, we also provide in-clinic services to safely realign bones with local anesthetic medication with using a low-dose imaging machine (fluoroscopy) to help perform an accurate fracture reduction.

Surgery for Fractures

Fractures that are significantly displaced, angulated, or unstable may require surgery. Our doctors use modern methods of fracture fixation and often utilize minimally invasive techniques to minimize post-operative pain, decrease scarring, and enhance recovery time. The surgery required to fix a child’s broken bone is often quite different from the surgery an adult might need. If your child requires surgery, our office staff will expedite the insurance process and communicate directly with our affiliated surgical facilities to get your child scheduled in the operating room as quickly as possible.

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