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Pediatric Upper Extremity Conditions and Sports Injuries

We provide comprehensive care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with a wide range of injuries of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder. Whether your child has a congenital condition, an injury, or a complex issue, we have the expertise and resources to tailor care to your child’s needs.

We are the only pediatric fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons in SWFL who treat a significant number of hand and upper limb issues. Just as importantly, we specialize in treating children at various ages and stages of development with a focus on our patients’ healthy growth throughout childhood and adolescence. Every time we make a treatment decision, we take each patient’s age, stage of growth, and the potential impact on their future growth, independence, and confidence into account.

Comprehensive Care for Children with Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries/Conditions

Whether your child has a common injury or a complex condition, our goal is to provide the care and support our patients need to live the fullest and most functional lives they can.

We treat a wide variety of congenital disorders, injuries and tumors of the hand and arm, including:

  • Fractures and Dislocations:
    • Fingers
    • Hand
    • Wrist
    • Forearm
    • Elbow
    • Shoulder
  • Sports Injuries
    • Injuries to any muscles, joints, or tendons in the shoulder, elbow, or hand from accidents, injuries, or sports
  • Congenital or Developmental
    • Syndactyly: Fingers that are webbed or joined together
    • Polydactyly: Extra fingers or thumb duplication
    • Hypoplastic digits: Missing or underdeveloped fingers.
    • Macrodactyly: Abnormally large fingers.
    • Camptodactyly: A flexed finger (bent at the middle joint) that cannot straighten. Most often affects the small finger.
    • Clinodactyly: An abnormally bent or curved finger.
    • Cleft hand: A split hand that is usually V-shaped
    • Radioulnar synostosis: An abnormal fusion of the bones in the forearm.
    • Radial club hand: The radius bone in the forearm is missing or didn’t form properly during prenatal development.
    • Ulnar club hand: The ulna bone wasn’t formed properly during prenatal development
    • Madelung deformity: An abnormally aligned wrist.
  • Trigger finger: A common cause of bent thumbs in young children
  • Brachial Plexus Palsy: A form of paralysis caused by trauma to the upper brachial plexus in the spinal cord, usually during childbirth.
  • Limb defects: A condition where part of the hand or arm fails to form properly during prenatal development.
  • Tumors and Cysts: endochondroma, osteochondroma, sarcoma, skin cancer, hemangioma, ganglion cyst and soft tissue tumor.

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