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COVID-19 Protocol Information

Due to the pandemic, until further notice, we are allowing only one parent per patient in our office. You may not bring any siblings, family members, or friends into our office for your appointment. Both the parent and the patient must wear a mask upon entering and keep it on for the duration of the visit. There will be a temperature check of the patient and the parent. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work to provide our care to the best of our abilities through these times.

Dr. Cola with pediatric patient


To schedule an appointment at either Pediatric Orthopedics of SW FL locations, please call 239-432-5100.

For your convenience, our patient registration forms are available online. Just print the forms, fill them out, and bring the form, a photo ID, and an insurance card with you to your appointment to save time.

Referrals & Preauthorization’s

When scheduling the appointment you will be asked for the current insurance information and it will be verified on the call. We must have a referral from your primary care doctor in our office in order to schedule the appointment.

First Visit Parental Responsibility

A parent must be present for the entire first visit. Legal Guardians must present proper custodial documentation. Must present with a valid government issued, picture I.D.

When completing the initial paperwork, the parent must indicate any other adult allowed to accompany the child to appointments. That person must present a valid government issued, picture I.D. at the time of appointment.

This is for your child’s protection and there will be no exceptions.

mom with daughter

Preparing for Surgery

Our surgery scheduling department will call you to schedule the surgery. At this time, they will review all necessary insurance information and begin the process to obtain authorization from your insurance company.

Facility Directions

Golisano Children’s Hospital | GCMC Facility | Coconut Point Surgery Center | NCH North

After Surgery

When You Should Call
  • If there are concerns of extreme swelling, uncontrollable pain, fever, redness, and any condition not already addressed with the surgeon after surgery.
  • If you need a prescription or medication refill.
  • If you have not scheduled your follow-up appointment.
Follow-Up Appointments

For elective surgery, the surgery scheduler will schedule the first post-op appointment. For emergency surgery, please follow discharge instructions.


Cast Care Instructions

Download the pdf here.

Ex-Fix Care Instructions

After surgery, you will be given care instructions if appropriate.


If a prescription is needed, the surgeon will have that prepared for you to take home from surgery.

Our Diversity and Inclusion

At Pediatric Orthopedics of SW FL, we take diversity, equity, and inclusion incredibly seriously. We continue to pursue and encourage diversity in all aspects of our philosophy and day-to-day operation. We accept and encourage all expressions of gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more. Our goal is to promote and provide a community that accepts and encourages everyone to learn and grow and represent themselves. It is in this welcoming and open environment that we promote our high-quality healthcare. As we celebrate our diversity, we unite as passionate healthcare workers to give our all to our patients.

doctor and patient
Patient Diversity

Along with our diverse workforce, we extend open and accepting beliefs into our patient diversity. We’re happy to create a caring and safe environment where we treat patients from all walks of life. Our team strives to create a great patient experience every visit. We uphold our values and standards while delivering top orthopedic solutions to our diverse patients and community. Every member of our team is proud of the work we do and the impact we have on so many lives, families, and individuals.

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